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Please Note: Spend plans are created with the intention of providing parents transparency into any and all possible fees related to choir in a given school year. They also include any optional fundraising and the realizable money to be raised. The possible raised money is added to the total of the spend plan.  THE ONLY SET FEES THAT WILL BE COLLECTED EACH YEAR FOR CHOIR ARE THE PARTICIPATION, FORMAL WEAR AND ROBE MAINTENANCE FEES FOR EACH PROSPECTIVE CHOIR CLASS.  All other choir fees are based on extracurricular travel/events or optional apparel items. These optional events and apparel have parent discretion and involvement.  I try my best to keep the cost low and provide full access to all students regardless of their financial situation.  The school and district have systems in place to ensure that all students are able to enjoy choir regardless of finances.  Please visit or email our financial secretary for financial assistance. Choir is a fun and wonderful class on it's own.  It is a reality that additional costs are required to provide extra opportunities.  I truly believe these extra activities are effective in extra student learning and growth, both musically and personally.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  

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